Your next TV – news from CES

Who ever said bigger isn’t better has never walked the TV area at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Reporters and news programs can give a misleading view of what CES has to offer, as they tend to focus on the ‘concept cars’ rather than the ‘production cars’ of technology. Last year, the stories about LG’s rollup TV and this year’s Samsung’s swing-into-portrait-mode Sero TV fell into that bucket. Yet underneath all the hype, we find some real changes coming to TVs, and many of them are available today.

New Year – New Resolution

Some will tell you that an 8K TV is one of those classic chicken and egg dilemmas. What comes first – the TV or the content? What has been proven over the last few generations of TVs is that technology is not dependent on content to make it look better. A good example of this is the Sony Z9G MASTER Series TV. Available in sizes up to nearly 100 inches, they are packed full of smart ideas to improve your viewing experience. Technologies like upscaling and the X1 Ultimate processor, mean the Superbowl will be a super picture too. Also improved is contrast, sound quality and almost every part of your viewing experience. If you have 4K sources today, including Netflix, you can use an 8K way of watching it. If you prefer Samsung or LG, there are options from them too.

Right Picture but Wrong Sound

As fabulous as these new TVs are, their sound doesn’t always keep up with their vision. Thin TVs and bezel-less frames often do not allow for speakers that produce great sound. Solving for the right sound should depend on the room and purpose of the TV. For smaller rooms, sound bars from companies like Sonos can make a huge difference. This year LG is also going big on Atmos for its new sound bar. Yet if you want the real Atmos-type experience there is nothing to be compared to a real 7.1 Atmos sound system from something like Marantz AV7705-11.2 or Denon AVR-X8500H. Luckily there is a lot of content online and on Blu-ray that supports these systems.

Motorized Design – Hiding the TV

While motorized designed TVs are gimmicks today, the idea behind them is not. There are many ways you can hide your TV today to get the same experience. At Bravas, we often install TVs in a way that does not break a design aesthetic.  More than just wall-mounting, we can install displays in walls, furniture, ceiling lifts and even behind your artwork. We can put a TV behind your bathroom mirror, install them in your shower and next to your hot tubs. If you want to watch a great TV without letting it dominate your room, motorizing it can be an impressive solution.Remember to check with your local Bravas location for the best design and best deal on any of these technologies. We install TVs and sound systems like these in over 3,500 homes and offices every year and can bring your viewing experience into this new decade.