Tivoli Audio

The holidays are almost here! If you have a certain someone in your life that loves music, or telling time, Tivoli Audio has you and your recipient covered. Elegance comes in a small package. Whether you enjoy over-the-air radio, or you own music the Tivoli Model Three, BT Clock Radio can deliver the tunes and the style you are looking for.The Model Three BT is engineered both for excellent quality and ease of use. Featuring a fine mechanical quartz movement for superb accuracy, the Model Three BT clock is illuminated with a constant, soft glow, making it visible in little or no light but not so bright that it keeps users awake.

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Tivoli Audio was founded in 2000 with the goal of bringing beautifully designed, simple-to-use, highquality audio products to the consumer. Started by Tom DeVesto, a highly respected and Hall of Fame designer and leader in the audio industry, Tivoli Audio marks the most recent chapter in Mr. DeVesto’s career. Tivoli Audio has brought some of the most innmodelthree_bt_cherry_metallictaupe_breakfastovative, highly-acclaimed audio products to market. Tivoli Audio manufactures and markets award-winning signature audio products that have not only broken the sound barrier in terms of high fidelity performance, but are produced in a unique range of colors and furniture grade woods to look as good as they sound. Today, Tivoli Audio products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide.