IMAGINE offers a variety of services for your technology needs.


Do you want to up the media experience in your home? How about having THE house where all your friends come to watch a movie in luxury and style? We thought so.

Let us help you realize the Entertainment room of your wildest dreams! IMAGINE can help you plan, design and finish your very own in-home experience.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help make your Theater/Media room shine!


The future has arrived. All that space aged technology we have seen in movies for so long is actually available to you, in your own home! Lock the door, dim the lights, turn off the music and start the movie…all from the comfort of your couch or recliner. IMAGINE can put you in the drivers seat of all your home technology without getting out of your favorite spot! Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds! Let us help you design, implement and empower you!


Everyone wants a safe home, right? From burglar alarms and fire alarms to in-home video monitoring capability, safety really is a top priority. IMAGINE can help you install and maintain a system that gives you both protection and peace of mind. Let us help you feel safe in your home.


We will admit that cable and wiring is not the most sexy aspect of home technology, but man is it important. IMAGINE has over 20 years of experience installing and maintaining home technology systems, and we know how to makes sure that everything is wired up correctly and safely. We also know that no one likes to see a whole mess of wires, so we go out of our way to try and make them as invisible as possible.

The backbone of a solid automation system is a strong network. IMAGINE will make sure that all the pieces are in place so that your house is covered from the top floor to the basement. We offer a variety of products to suit all of your networking needs. No house is to big or too small.

Central Vacuum

Wouldn’t it be cool to not have to drag a vacuum through the whole house while you are cleaning? Yeah, it would be awesome! Well, with a central vacuum system you can let go of the vacuum and stop worrying about pulling the plug out of the wall if you go too far.

IMAGINE can help you simplify your home vacuuming for a lot less than you might think. Give us a call and let us help you break free from the traditional vacuum!