Bravas is a cooperative network of North America’s leading design companies, providing engineered systems for home and business. We make the spaces you live, work, and play in more entertaining, comfortable, convenient, and secure.

Exceptional Design

When you look at your home after a Bravas project, it will stir up feelings of awe. You may not even recognize it. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so our designs are tailored to meet your tastes and reflect your style. Whether you dream of walking into a traditional, welcoming grand entry or resting your head in a sleek, modern bedroom, you will be amazed at your home’s transformation.


Bespoke Function

Technology turns a house where you live into a home that meets your every need. Just tell us about your lifestyle and we’ll recommend the system that will serve you best. From lighting scenes that put the whole house to bed with the push of a button to entertainment systems that allow you to blast your favorite playlist for an outdoor party, each piece of your home can be controlled and customized to your unique preferences. This is where imagination and engineering meet.


National Footprint

When you work with the largest custom integration company in the world, you have a network of award-winning service at your fingertips. When you decide to upgrade your vacation home or yacht, you won’t need to look further than the firm you trusted with your primary residence – even if the property is across the country.


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