Hiding the Clutter

Professionals will tell you that clutter can sap confidence, reduce creativity, impact your sleep, and increase tension. Yet in a modern home or office, all our devices, cables, tools, and technology increase clutter, which ruins your design and messes with your health. When you design for a healthy home, you look to hide some of this, or at least make it invisible. From speakers in the wall to hidden TVs that look like art, there are many things you can do to cut the visual noise and streamline your home’s appearance.

TV Concealment

Since we’ve been stuck indoors during the past several weeks, we’ve probably spent more time in front of our TVs than we’d care to admit. But when the TV is turned off, and a blank screen takes up a significant amount of wall space, it detracts from the design of the entire room. Wouldn’t you rather look at a beautiful piece of artwork or a mirror to enhance the space? In some areas, a TV may look out of place. A Bravas design expert can work with you to install a system that has your TV smoothly and silently lower from the ceiling, rise out of furniture, appear in a mirror, slide out from an otherwise empty wall, or hidden entirely behind your favorite piece of artwork.

Hide the Speakers, Not the Sound

If you are working with an interior designer, they will tell you that speakers are best heard and not seen. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is to install your speakers in your walls or ceilings. Bravas works with speaker manufacturers that provide paintable speaker grills, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the style of your home without sacrificing sound quality. Other speakers, called “invisible speakers” are also placed inside the walls, but instead of speaker grills, there are no grates to paint. Each speaker is plastered over to look exactly like the surrounding walls. Either way, no one will ever know they are there – until you turn them on.

Consolidate Your Equipment

Now that you’ve hidden your TVs and speakers, what do you do with those unsightly components like AV receivers, game consoles, and cable boxes (if you haven’t cut the cord yet)? Your local Bravas expert can work with you to find a solution to neatly tuck away these components in a remote location or equipment closet using a custom-built AV rack.

Streamline Your Control Options

What’s the point of stylishly concealing your television if you need to fiddle with five different remote controls? Investing in a control system that allows you to manage all your entertainment from one dedicated remote or app on your smart device makes the most sense, and keeps your surfaces free of clutter. Adjust your lights and shades, tune to your favorite channel, and turn up the volume, all from the same device.

Think about the clutter in your home that bothers you the most, and let Bravas know how we can help make your spaces look cleaner and more visually appealing.