A Happy Home Is a Healthy Home

We all wish for the happiness and health of our families and friends. We all understand how diet, exercise, and even time spent with loved ones, is a critical step to achieving this wish. We also know that when designing a new home or office, we should devote considerable time to make our spaces comfortable and productive. The right materials, fabrics, and textures create an experience that makes us feel at home, but there is more we can do.

Few use the right technology in the right place to improve quality of life. Correctly done, home technology can reduce stress, increase your quality of life, and make you more productive. Here are four ways the right home technology can help you achieve healthy spaces.

Wake Well and Sleep Well

Light can change your life. It affects what we can see and alters how we feel. It creates an atmosphere and impacts emotions. We use windows to give us natural light but we also rely on artificial light. Getting the right mix of natural and artificial light is critical to both how you sleep and your well-being while awake. That means getting the right combination of brightness, color, and saturation.

Sound and Silence

Sound and silence can impact health and influence emotions. Prolonged and excessive exposure to a deficient sound environment can cause a range of problems, including stress, poor concentration, productivity loss, communication difficulties, and fatigue. Correctly adjusting the mix of sound and silence can be complicated and should be designed optimally. From the right speakers to the right damping material, getting sound right can change how you live your life.

The Goldilocks Climate

The wrong temperature, humidity, or quality of your air and water can do more than just make you feel uncomfortable. Long-term exposure to a poorly controlled climate has a significant impact on sleep and can cause health problems that may affect performance. Living at the wrong temperature or humidity can cause a loss of concentration and the ability to do mental tasks efficiently. Working with your architect or builder to get just the right climate design can be critical to living in a healthy home.

Hiding the Clutter

Professionals will tell you that clutter can sap confidence, reduce creativity, impact your sleep, and increase tension. Yet in a modern home or office, all our devices, cables, tools, and technology increase clutter, which in turn ruins your design and messes with your health. When you design for a healthy home, you look to hide this visual noise, or at least make it invisible. From speakers in the wall to hidden TVs that look like art, there are many things you can do to cut the clutter. At Bravas, we work every day with our customers to make sure they have healthy and safe homes. Can we help you?