Why Have Your Security Professionally Monitored?

There is no point in having a security system if no one knows when it goes off. That is why, for years, companies have offered remote monitoring of those systems for you. But with every doorbell manufacture offering cheap ‘professional’ monitoring of your security systems, why should you come to a professional like Bravas for that service?

14 Things To Consider When You Prewire A Home

Bob Knight once said, “I don’t believe in luck, I believe in preparation.” My guess is that he was talking about basketball, but he could also have been talking about pre-wiring your home. By pre-wiring, we mean all those low-power cables that are going to control light, shades, audio, video, security and other home automation systems.

7 Tips to getting the best from your luxury technology integration team

The latest Bravas Luxury Living podcast (available on YouTube) explores working with a company like Bravas. We didn’t mean it to be an advert for Bravas but a resource for anyone working with a technology provider for their luxury home. In the podcast, we interview Ryan Anderson, the CEO of Bravas, and he explored several key learnings from his time in the industry.