The Imagine AV headquarters build-out is almost complete! For many months now, Imagine has been under construction. Many of you all who have visited Imagine in the past will be amazed to see the total transformation. Imagine will now have its very own Customer Design Center to showcase many of what Control4 and others have to offer.

Our transformation will allow Imagine to continue to expand not only in the size of our work space but also in the ability to bring in customers and future home-builders. Ever wondered how Control4 works? Do you know someone who has Control4, but never experienced it for yourself? With many of the newest Control4 products on display, our Customer Design Center will allow you to demonstrate all of the great products that could be installed in your home. Come see us and discuss all of the possibilities for your future project!

Hard to Imagine that the two pictures below are from the same project! As you can see, the Design Center follows an open floor concept and will host many activities for customers to enjoy.